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I made a new cartoon

2013-07-31 19:29:20 by CryBurger

Had to restart this 3 times, so I forgive me if it's a little rough, I got exhausted near the end hehe


2012-06-01 19:13:06 by CryBurger

What started out as practicing some animation techniques turned into a game of thrones semi-parody. It's not great, but I decided I'd upload it anyway seeing as I haven't provided any content for newgrounds in a while.
Anyway, to the one person reading, do you know any programs where i can combine several different swf files into one big file? The only one i could find was swf combine and it's made in 1993 and Dos-based... so yeah.
Tnx <33333 8==B-

I fucking hate .swf's.

2012-02-19 21:53:48 by CryBurger

Here's a poem about .swf files.

.Swf files
Suck my dick.

I can't get my new vidya to upload onto newgrounds so here's the youtube link until I get it sorted. re=context&context=G21be57dFUAAAAAAAAAA

Hey all 1 person reading!!!

2012-01-30 14:22:32 by CryBurger

Workin on a new harry potter short cartoon, should be ready in a week - week and a half.
Stay chooned to my shitty cartunez

Subscribe to my youtube!!

2012-01-26 16:29:21 by CryBurger

DO IT! Or don't.