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I had to watch this 3 times to be able to pay attention to the story because i kept getting distracted by the juicy art

El-Cid responds:

My dude. Thank you.

This Cartoon is a pizza shit I give it 5 out of 5 5s good job <333

Flikkernicht responds:

Thanks nyl!

There's so much more that you could've done with this. I was under the impression that the title was referring to the proverb 'the grass is greener on the other side', and expected it to be based around that. But a lot of meaningless stuff seemed to pile on top of each other. Looks pretty nice though!

SteveRoberts responds:

My interpretation was that the grass WAS greener on the other side, but he realised that it was bittersweet without his new friend to share the better circumstances with.
Then, luck happened to intervene and bring the islands together so that they could share their happiness.
Glad you liked the visuals, thanks for watching! :)

This was kinda odd. It looked really nice at some parts but looked completely different at otehr parts, like the part e was leaving the bathroom was really flat and grey, then it went to a nice, but uneccessary frame by frame. If it ended at the punchline it wouldve been better.

Whoa, I can only hope to be this good one day.. in every facet. Man, this was great.

ShawnBranden responds:

Well thank you, but work hard and care about your work and I'm sure you'll be much better. Take care :) Draw every day.

Fuckin 5 fuckin

meanpaul responds:

fuckin thanks fuckin

Of all the cartoons that have tried to emulate the awesome series, this is honestly by far the best, it brought back everything that made me laugh about the original awesome series. I'm not entirely sure if that's what you were going for, but that's honestly a compliment. Great job on this, dark souls will be the death of me from an anyeurism. I like the simplistic style, but the animation is very smooth.
Good job!

It's undoubtably bullshit that this is your post on 4chan. It's one of the highest rated posts on r/breakingbad and I'd bet money that's where you got it from. You have a rep for taking other people's shit, don't think you're getting away with it, everyone knows. Sometimes you give credit, sometimes you don't. I can't find a single video of yours where I can't point out several things you directly ripped from elsewhere.
Honestly man, what you're doing is scummy as fuck. This is the internet, it's like you think you're above it and nobody will find out what you're doing.
Anyway, animationwise, there was nothing to it really, puzzling character designs, ugly purple filter, horrible lip synch, overuse of the boiling effect. Did you trace Saul? He looks oddly proportionate compared to everyone else. The colors are really ugly and I'm not sure why you chose to go with a purple outline to the characters. Also, the references were so dumb and obvious. Los Pollos hasn't been relevant for a long time, and better call saul was funny in 2010. The only redeeming thing about this video, is walt jr's voice... but then it's ruined with a breakfast joke, which is incredibly overdone and I'm pretty sure I've seen that exact punchline in another one of your videos.
Overall, this is pretty poor, contentwise and the fact that you claim to be the OP on the 4chan post.

Some of them were far more accurate than others, but still insanely entertaining all the same. 55555

It's kinda hard to find inspirational animations these days. This was one of them. 5 stars and 5 luv hearts <3

Leave me alone.

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